Consultant and Subject, production of HBO docudrama: “No Visible Bruises: The Katie Koestner Story,” 1993.

Writer and Director, “Please Write Back: Sexual Assault Among America’s Students” with Top Hat Productions, Released 2003.

Writer and Director, “Helping a Sexual Assault Survivor” with Top Hat Productions, Released 2003.

Video Series Producer, “What Everyone Should Know About Sexual Assault and How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor,” Released 2004.

Law & Order, Special Victims Unit. “Episode on Campus Sexual Assault” Production Date: November 17, 2010.

Film Shorts. “Speak Out. Speak Up.” Interviews with Everyday People Changing Lives for the Better. With Radnor TV Station. Released 2013.

Writer and Director, “ThinkLuv Movie.” Released 2014.

Writer and Director, “ThinkDrink Movie.” Released 2014.

Consultant, Screening Coordinator, and Reviewer. “Room.” A24 Films. Oscar-winning Film. Released 2015.

Content and Guest Consultant, “Amber Rose Talk Show on VH1,” Summer 2016.

Featured Special Guest, “STET,” Written by Kim Davies; Directed by Tony Speciale; Abingdon Theatre Company, Off-Broadway, New York City, NY.  June 11 – July 3, 2016.

Featured Guest, “RISE Radio with Randy Haveson: A Heroic Journey- Respect my Red,” VoiceAmerica. Episode #93997. Wednesday, August 17, 2016. 10 AM PST.

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