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1. Risk Management & Mitigation

2. Sexual Assault/Rape Awareness

3. Harassment and Title IX Training

4. Boundaries for Educators

5. Digital Citizenship – Students & Parents

6. Healthy Relationships – Students & Parents

7. Senior Transitions to College

8. Trauma & Healing

9. Technology Audit for Educational Insitutitons

10. Sexual Misconduct Response Audit

Katie’s talk shook me to the core. I was a student at UVA – just an hour or so away from her “date” rape. It was in the news. I didn’t get it then. But almost 30 years later, I brought my three teenage daughters to hear Katie speak. So honest and vulnerable it made me cry. I wanted my girls to know they have a voice. They have a choice. Not every guy is bad, but not every guy is good either. Be wise. And if things don’t turn out the way you expect, don’t be afraid to speak up, to stand up for yourself. That is Katie’s story. Despite hardship and backlash and difficult circumstances and pressure to retract, she has held her ground all these years and forged a path for other victims to have a voice. I am so proud of the work she does to influence our colleges and their staffs who are focused on getting positive accolades and attention, to turn their eyes to the plight of victims of any type of assault and understand and stand up for them. She has found a place in the #MeToo conversation even before it was brought to light. If you have the chance, go see her speak. Bring your daughters, and just as importantly, bring your sons. This is a conversation we all need to have now so we don’t have to have it in future generations. Thanks, Katie, for all you do to advocate for wise decisions and respect for one another. You are a gem.

Ella H.

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