Knowing that Sexual Violence on campus is a very real issue, we had the privilege of having Katie Koestner on our campus this past spring semester. 

I had no doubt after speaking with Katie on multiple phone calls and engaging with her that she would send a powerful message.  Little did we know the impact she would have on our students and our department.

Katie Koestner’s presentation lasted about an hour followed by a case presentation by her co-presenter. Katie introduced herself, used real life situational language, sprinkled with some humor, gaining the attention of her audience, who were immediately drawn in. She talked about herself, her decisions, and her experience as a young college student. She was honest, blunt and did not mince words, and her audience responded. 

In her presentation, you could hear a pin drop, and Katie commanded her audience. The students were silent and transfixed on her, as her message was personal and bold. The story, even though it has been shared several times, lost none of its raw emotion and nature. 

I have heard many speakers over the years, but Katie has a gift and by sharing her story in the manner in which she does impacts everyone in the room regardless of gender or age. 

Katie continues to share her story to many groups all over the country.  She has a desire to “reach men” and “empower women”. She is dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault, date rape, but most importantly ending sexual violence. 

We are looking forward to having Katie back on our campus this September (along with her team) to work with our coaches and teams, individually and collectively.   

I would encourage you to reach out to Katie and with all of us utilizing her talents, she is willing to discounts up to 30% by working with other schools to host us at the same time.

I am also attaching her bio information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I believe in this program, in Katie and the work she is doing.

Melissa Dawson
Senior Associate Athletics Director

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